2023 Terra Rosa (DE5096)

Dunn-Edwards® 2023 Color of the Year, Terra Rosa, is a deep, rosy pink hue with a touch of terra-cotta influence that exudes confidence, creativity and coziness.
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2022 Art and Craft (DET682)

Dunn-Edwards® 2022 Color of the Year, Art and Craft, is a timeless, versatile hue that beckons us to revisit the classics. It evokes an earthy, sophisticated quality—the perfect backdrop for showcasing handmade objects and works of art. Inspired by academia, 17th-century painters, cottagecore and artisans everywhere, Art and Craft infuses any space with effortless opulence.

2021 Wild Blue Yonder (DE5855)

Dunn-Edwards® 2021 Color of the Year, Wild Blue Yonder, a light, airy and soothing pale blue — encourages us to slow down, take a deep breath, and approach 2021 with new hope and confidence. At the same time, Wild Blue Yonder symbolizes our insistence for transparency and authenticity as we continue to navigate these challenging times. Versatile and layered, this pale blue hue complements nearly any design style — lifting us up and reminding us that brighter days are ahead.

2020 Minty Fresh (DE5687)

Dunn-Edwards® 2020 Color of the Year, Minty Fresh, captures the enthusiasm and optimism of a new decade. As we stand at the portal of a new era, infinite potential lies ahead. It’s invigorating, exciting — Minty Fresh!

2019 Spice of Life (DET439)

Dunn-Edwards® 2019 Color of the Year, Spice of Life, is inspired by a celebration of what makes life interesting and exciting. It’s warm, inviting, adventurous and life-affirming. This strong, enticing, spice-market blend adds a complex, flavorful seasoning to design palettes. The elements of orange in the hue give a grounded, substantial feeling to design.

2018 The Green Hour (DET544)

Dunn-Edwards® 2018 Color of the Year, The Green Hour, draws inspiration from turn-of-the-century Paris, when 5 o’clock became known as “The Green Hour” due to the popularity of absinthe. A darker shade of gray blue-green, this color embodies the timeless sense of mystery and creative revelry of the era.

2017 Honey Glow (DE5354)

Dunn-Edwards® 2017 Color of the Year, Honey Glow, is a warm, golden yellow with orange undertones that will make a bold statement in any space. Whether it’s applied to every wall or used strategically for pops of color, the cheerful spirit that radiates from Honey Glow will re-energize any room. Try it on an accent wall, paired with white or gray, and embellish with pillows, throws and other accessories in a Honey Glow color.